The Coffee Table

Welcome to The Coffee Table! Whether you are looking to update your current coffee table or to purchase your first one, you’ve come to the best place. 

At The Coffee Table, we’re specialists in timeless furniture pieces. We know which ones bring a living room together and which ones encourage people to gather for cosy conversation and quality time.

What Types of Coffee Tables Do We Cover?

We have many options from which to choose. Understandably, the vast selection can make it difficult to pick out the one that best suits your space and style. But, no matter what type you land on, we’re confident you’ll find a dream match. We offer selections in a wide range of coffee table categories:

Glass can easily fit in with any type of décor and make a room look elegant. This material will also make your room appear more spacious. However, it may not be the best fit if you have little ones roaming around. 

Oak is a gorgeous wood that fits in beautifully within traditional spaces. This formal material is perfect for entertaining distinguished guests or achieving a refined interior design. 

White furniture achieves a look that is sleek and sophisticated. While tables that are all-white may be a bit harder to keep clean, they make up for it with the bold statement they exude. Impress any guest with these classy centrepieces. 

Round designs are perfect for families because they contain no sharp corners that could endanger young children. They also add a bit more flair to your home’s style than a traditional square or rectangular table. 

Another perfect option for families, tables with storage clean up clutter while being practical and sophisticated. Storing books and knick-knacks in your coffee table is a useful way to keep belongings out of sight but still accessible. 

Marble tables instantly transform your living room from drab to fab. When hosting a work dinner party, having appetizers around a marble table-top will surely impress. 

Black tables can fit in just about anywhere and are very easy to keep clean. A black table is the perfect furnishing piece for a night in with friends or for hosting your in-laws. 

Grey is an atypical colour that is adaptable to many settings. A grey table can fit in with modern, minimalistic, or subdued styles while remaining attractive to the eye. 

Modern coffee tables exhibit clean lines and minimalistic features that will elevate the look of your entire space. 

Square tables work well in front of large couches or sofas. They mirror the furniture and allow easy access for all. 

No matter which type speaks to you, we can help you find the perfect one for your living space. 

Need a Second Opinion?

Browse The Coffee Table for ideas about the style you’d like to take home. Stuck between a few options? Get in touch with us for a second opinion – we’re here to help you take home a coffee table you’ll love for years to come!